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I didn't wanna do that. At that time, I just wanted our air conditioner fixed. A year later, we had a different problem with our air conditioner and I called 2 10. They put out the call to somebody else in another city. There were air conditioning companies 10 minutes from our house. They didn't need to send somebody from another town to us. There was another situation. It was a deal with Metro Rooter. Our hot water heater wasn't working and the water went everywhere in our garage. So I called 2 10 and they did the same thing again. They got a hold of somebody that lives in the next town over.

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Coverage varies significantly across home warranty companies.

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When these systems and appliances inevitably fail over time due to normal wear and tear, a home warranty will pay to repair or replace them.

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They never called or showed up," Torine said.

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The only cost you´ll incur when processing a claim is a low $70 service call fee.